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    5 Reasons Why iPhone sucks Without Jailbreak


    Yeah, you see all this talking on every tech website regarding to jailbreaking, and hackers like geohot, comex and others trying very hard to find a way of jailbreaking all the latest iOS. Well, if you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and your device is jailbroken you probably know all cool things you can do with your device after you jailbreak it and you’ll notice how  it wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t jailbroken.

    Here’s why the iPhone would suck if it wasn’t because of the jaibreaking.

    1. You will be having the same home screen or Spring Board  no matter what you do, the only thing you would change is the background image. With a jailbroken device, you will be able to make your iDevice however you want it to look ; you can add widgets, change icons or even add animation background.

    iOS SpringBoard WinterBoard Jailbreak Theme

    2. No jailbreak, same carrier:

    With a non-jailbroken device your AT&T or locked iphone will not be usable with other GSM carriers like T-Mobile.  After you jailbreak your iPhone, you have ability to unlock it using a tool called UltraSn0w.

    3. No tethering and restriction:

    Your iPhone is not jailbroken, you want to use your iPhone’s 3G internet data that you already paying for on your computer, well you got to pay extra to AT&T if you want to do that. With a jailbroken device all you have to do is download an app from Cydia and start using your iPhone data on your computer for free!

    4. Try Free Full Apps before buying it:

    As you might know, there are a lot of worthless apps on the App Store that aren’t free; they convince you to buy it but when you buy it and play it you realize that the app is crap and it it wasn’t worth. Well, you can download and install full apps in your device for free before buying it from the App Store;  I personally don’t condone piracy; so make sure you buy the App after you download it and play it.

    5. Finally,

    there are 100′s of things you can do with your iPhone after you jailbreak it. So in my opinion, you should really consider jailbreaking your device and you will see how good it will be. For me, jailbreaking is an important part of the iPhone and iDevices, and I would’ve probably own an Android device if it wasn’t for the jailbreaking.


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