If you are one of those cord-cutter who believe that TV manufacturing is a dying industry thanks to cord-cutting then you’re extremely wrong, as proven by a new study. Consumer researchers Nielsen have released their analysis reporting that over 92% of content is viewed on a television set.

According to the research, 81.1% of content is viewed straight out of the TV and an additional 10.3% of content comes is viewed from TV-connected devices. The third most popular platform for watching content is on a computer, which takes 5.1% of shares, followed by smartphone with a share of  1.8%. When combined together, mobile devices share do not come close to TV share. The total share for television viewing tops at 92.4%, while mobile devices (smartphone, tablets, computers) only take 7.6% when combined.

This stats, however, do not represent the amount of cord cutters. Cord-cutting is not about viewing content on a mobile device, but getting rid off cable/satellite expensive subscriptions. Cord-cutters still enjoy viewing their content on their TV while obtaining the content from another source but for a more appropriate price.