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    Apple says iPhone 6 Plus bending almost a non-existent problem


    iPhone 6 bendAlthough Apple’s newest bigger iPhone is selling terrifically well, the phone has received a tremendous amount of negative publicity in the past days. It has been widely spread that the iPhone 6 Plus has internal built problems which causes the phone to get bend by itself or with a low amount of pressure by just putting it in your pocket. It smaller model, the iPhone 6, however, does not have this problems as a video demonstrate. This problem came to be known as the “bendgate” similar to the “antenagate” publicity Apple received back in 2010 when the iPhone 4 was released.

    Today Apple officially publicized that those reported cases on the internet of the iPhone 6 Plus bending are likely to be fake. Apple told The Wall Street Journal that there have only been nine reported cases of bent iPhone 6 Plus, stating that both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus “passed a series of tests meant to check the products’ strength and durability through everyday use.” The company also described how both devices are made to withstand heavy physical usage. Apple says that both iPhone 6 models are made from a tempered custom grade of anodized aluminum. The company also said that the “phones also feature stainless steel and titanium inserts to reinforce high-stress locations.”

    Both devices go through five different tests during its development process, Apple has said. One of this tests is called “pressure point cycling test” which applies major force on the display through all its sides to make sure it doesn’t bend as easy as many have reported in the “bendgate” scandal. Apple also describes its “sit test.” The “sit test” test the phone while the user sit with the phone on his/her back pocket and other several positions and locations thousands of ways.

    The iPhone 6 Plus “bendgate” scandal became popular when YouTube user Unbox Therapy posted a video how easy he bent his iPhone 6 Plus while applying forces with his hands. Surprisingly, the guy who posted that video is likely a faker. Gadget website Pocket-Lint made an observation on why this video might be fake:

    Notice the video shows the iPhone 6 Plus drastically bending at 1:40 minutes, and the time on the phone at that point displays 2:26 PM. The man in the video then proceeds to explain around 2:35 minutes into the video that he just finished bending the phone with his thumbs.

    But there’s one problem with that version of events: The iPhone 6 Plus he supposedly “just” bent displays the time 1:59 PM around 2:45 minutes into the video, roughly 27 minutes before the smartphone is shown succumbing to little pressure.


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