Sometimes rumors for Apple’s upcoming Apple’s devices can get ridiculous. And this might be one of them: Apple releasing OLED TVs with Siri integration in the month of April or May. This crazy rumors come from trusted and popular technology blog, TechnoBuffalo. According to TechnoBuffalo, who got this information from a  high-ranking source with “a major electronics retailer”, you can start saving up money right now to buy the long rumored Apple HDTV by April or May of this year.

The iTV will be a OLED based HDTV, with features that anyone who visits your room will think you’re from the future. In the iTV you will be able to do everything  normal TV remote control would do, using a Siri-styled voice controls. Hate Siri on the iPhone  4S because of your British or Southerner accent? Don’t worry, because according to TechnoBuffalo, you will be able to control the TV using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It is also said that the Apple TV will have a facial recognition software that will turn off the TV once you leave the room, what year is that 2100?