Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Geohot accepts to works on a Jailbreak for iPad 2 iOS 4.3.3

The hacker known as P0sixninja has tweeted that after he challenged Geohot to dump the iPad 2 bootrom before him, Geohot accepted the challenged. He also mentioned that...

Apple to assemble products in Brazil

A Portuguese site reports that Apple has decided its plan to start manufacturing their products in Brazil. This is what it translate(via Google Translate): A new...

Apple has ordered 12 million Gigabytes of storage

StorageNewsletter reports that Apple has placed an order of 12 Petabytes of storage from Isilon Systems to support iTunes video offerings. Apple ordered as much as 12PB...

Video Demo iPad Running Photoshop App, Coming to App Store soon

Eric of photographybay has captured this video of Adobe in the development of the Photoshop app for iPad. There is no release date yet for...

Apple Released iOS 4.3.1 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [Direct Download]

Today Apple has released iOS 4.3.1 for the iPhone, iPad and 3G and 4G iPod Touch models. This is just a minor update to fix some...

Twitter App Gets Updated: Adds Photo/Video capture support for iPad 2

Twitter, Inc.  has updated its official Twitter apps for the iPhone and iPad to version 3.3.2 which now allows you to capture video and photo using...

Foxconn opening manufacturing plant in São Paulo, Brazil for Apple products?

Redebomdia of Brazil is rumoring that Foxconn is getting ready to deploy up a third assembly line that will be located at its factory in Jundiai- a city...

5 Reasons Why iPhone sucks Without Jailbreak

Yeah, you see all this talking on every tech website regarding to jailbreaking, and hackers like geohot, comex and others trying very hard to find a...

Jailbreak Terms 101

This is a guide to help you understand the basic terms use in the Jailbreak and what they mean and their purposes. This is not a...

AT&T don’t really want you going to Verizon

9to5mac has received some tips about a letter that AT&T has been sending to their customers offering them a free Microcell. To receive a free Microcell from AT&T you will...

How to: Fixes for all Errors codes on iTunes and iPhone

When updating, restoring or syncing your iDevices(iPad, Iphone, iPod Touch) a lot of time we get error codes showing up on iTunes. You get...

New Angry Birds Game is Coming: Angry Birds Rio

A new Angry Birds game called Angry Birds Rio is being developed by Rovio who partnered up with 20th Century Fox, and according to them...

New Apple iPad Ad: iPad is Iconic

This iPad Television commercial was just released by Apple. This commercial is called ”iPad is Iconic”, and is showing a several innovate apps for...

White iPhone 4 Problem Resolved? New Paint Being developed

Macotakara now reports that Apple has teamed up with a Japanese company to develop a new paint for the white model of the iPhone 4.  This...

Best Sites To Get HD Wallpapers for All Devices

If you were looking for wallpapers either for your iPhone or Android or even your computer and HDTV this are the sites with the best wallpapers available. iPhone 4...

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