Wednesday, March 20, 2019

How Microsoft Surface Phone would look (image)

Would you buy a Surface phone if Microsoft ever offer it? This concept of a Microsoft Surface 8 from DeviantArt shows a really nice looking phone, that could possibly look even...

iOS 6 vs. Android 4.0 ICS vs. Windows Phone 7.5 (chart)

Now that Apple has unveiled iOS 6, this chart compares it with other (older) mobile operating systems including Android 4.0 Ice Scream Sandwich and Windows Phone 7.5. Although Android 4.0 and Windows 7.5 are older,...

All Windows Phones to be compatible with Windows Phone 8 Apollo update

Unlike Android and some iOS users, it looks like Microsoft will not leave Windows Phone early adopters with outdated software installed on their device. During an event in Portugal, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that all...

Top 4 Best User-Friendly Smartphone Operating System

Smartphone are smart because of their features that allows us to complete task easily. But for new user, a lot of the time is difficult to find and do specific task like browsing the web...

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