Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Apple HDTV Mocked Up: Stunning iTV Concepts Images With Siri Integrated

Apple fans would agree that when (if) Apple release their iTV or a television from Apple, it would be a television that would revolutionize the HDTV...

VIDEO – Siri Ported to the iPod touch, Still No Love From Apple Servers

Siri, please port yourself to the iPod touch. "Sorry, I'm afraid you will have wait for hackers to port me to other iOS devices." That when...

Apple TV Gets Software Update 4.4.2 (9A336a), Download Now

Software  Update 4.4.2 for 2nd generation Apple TV is now available. The new update build number 9A336a brings some bug fixes relating to the playback...

Screenshots – Siri Working On the iPad Beautifully, Still No Response From Apple Servers

This mothaf'ka hackers don't play. Obj-c Developer and iOS hacker Jackoplane has shown the tremendous progress he has done to bring Siri to jailbroken iPad devices. Jack was able to successfully port...

Apple Will Allow You to Pick Online Orders At Local Retail Stores

Soon you will be able to order Apple products straight from your home and pick it up at a local Apple retail store. This will be done...

Steve Jobs Has Died of Cancer At 56

We have some horrible news for everyone who knew and appreciates what this man has done for technology. Apple has announced the death of Steve...
iOS hacker Comex

Apple Employee Says Apple Hired Comex Because of Embarrassment

Did Comex embarrass Apple by hacking an OS that hundreds of engineers and designers worked for months so it could be secure? Reportedly, that is what happened. According to an anonymous tipster who sent this information to...

Another Apple Store Wannabe: Fake Apple Store Founded In Iraq [Picture]

We know there are a lot of business trying to be like Apple including Samsung. But you might not be surprised with this store, if you saw the...

Steve Jobs Schedule: This Is What Steve Jobs Does During the Day After Resigning

Wondering what Steve Jobs does during the day now that he no longer works at Apple? You probably get the idea what he does. As you can...

iOS hacker Comex Now Works for Apple, WTF No More Jaibreak!

If you are an iOS jailbreaker, you 're likely to know who's iOS hacker Comex, the guy who released JailbreakMe 3.0 to jailbreak latest...

Steve Jobs Quits His Job At Apple, Tim Cook Now Controls Apple

The famous and loved CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, has resigned as the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook now takes his position as the CEO of...

iTunes 10.4.1 Update Available, Kills Bugs

It's the time to update iTunes again. Not too long ago, Apple released iTunes 10.4.1update for Windows and Mac, bringing several bugs fixes. One...

Apple May Have Been Hacked By Hacker Group “AntiSec”

A group of computer hacker by the name of "AntiSec" posted a document on Sunday claiming it contains usernames and passwords from Apple server, along...

Pictures of Steve Jobs’ Destroyed Mansion

These pictures are pictures of Steve Jobs’ mansion, which is now demolished. The Pictures were taken by a plane hired by Gizmodo.

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