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    Ex-Microsoft engineer arrested by the FBI for leaking Windows, trade secrets


    Windows 8 Start MetroGood news Windows 8 haters: a former Microsoft employee has been arrested. Russian software architect Alex Kibkalo who worked for Microsoft as a Software architect for seven years was arrested on Wednesday in Seattle by FBI agents. Unfortunately, Kibbalo was not arrested due to Windows 8 being a horrible operating system for desktop computers. The Russian architect was arrested for stealing trade secrets, and leaking Windows 8 code before its release.

    Seattle news website Seattle pi reports that, while working for Microsoft, Kibkalo stole Microsoft trade secrets, leading him to his arrest. Kibkalo was responsible for the leak of Windows 7 program files before its release along with an internal software designed to detect Microsoft pirated software. Kibkalo is also accused of leaking Windows 8 code to a French blogger before the software was released to the public back in mid-2012. The blogger also received a stolen Microsoft’s “Activation Server Software Development Kit,” which help prevent pirated copies of Microsoft software. Thanks to Kibkalo leaking ability, the first screenshot of Windows 8 was leaked online before the product was finished.

    Seattle Pi says that Kibkalo was caught by Microsoft investigators when the blogger tried to verify the stolen software development kit with Microsoft. A conversation between the blogger and Kibkalo was found in the blogger’s email account. It was also found out that Kibkalo sneaked into buildings on Microsoft’s Redmond campus and copy files. Kibaklo also leaked the code to revenge Microsoft for giving him poor performance review of his work.

    Kibkalo is charged with theft of trade secrets, and will appear in U.S. District Court later Wednesday for an initial hearing.


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