Facebook news feed spam1 = Jesus. Facebook spammers spamming Facebook news feed, Facebook users aren’t happy with you and the company released an update to their website to combat spamming tactics. Facebook will now show less of those type of posts which ask users to share or like their posts. Those posts later appear on users news feed whose friend liked or shared the post, increasing the distribution of the post to people who don’t care or don’t want those posts to show on their news feed. Facebook on their blog stated that these kind of posts called “like-baited” will receive less distribution among Facebook users.

Another type of spam Facebook has fixed in their recent improvements are posts leading to spammy links. These are those posts that take you to a website with a bunch of ads and no content at all. Facebook says that recently rolled improvements show less spammy links, increasing click to links with genuine content link by 5%.

Facebook pages not involved in spammy activities are not affected by this update, according to their blog. On the other hand, pages with genuine content should have a small increase in distribution.