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    Flappy Bird has ruined the App Store


    flappy-bird fadFlappy Bird did not just ruined its creator simple life, but the game appears to have damage the App Store as well. After Dong Nguyen, the developer of Flappy Bird, removed the game from the App Store, the App Store have been flooded with Flappy Bird ripoffs. Before Flappy Bird, the Free section found in Top Chats was actually useful. The section had the best free apps, it had a diversity of apps – not just one kind of app. In the section you could find different apps from games to music or social media apps including Facebook, Instagram, Pandora, and WhatsApp. But now going to the free section of the Top Chats will only lead to Flappy Bird ripoffs; developers creating games similar games to Flappy Bird in order to make the same ridiculous amount of money Flappy Bird was making.

    This is the Chats free section. As you can see 4 out of the 5 top free apps are Flappy Birds ripoffs. Unfortunately, there’s no way to see the Top Charts without excluding the games section, forcing you to go through all Flappy Bird knockoffs in order to find a decent app.

    App Store top free The list currently have Splashy Fish at the top, which is a decent Flappy Bird knockoff. At second place, there’s Ironpants. Ironpants is the worst game available on iOS and is at the top of the charts. The game looks like it was created by a five years old who downloaded the game’s audio from YouTube and designed in MS Paint.

    Flappy Bird have not damaged Google Play as much as it have ruined the App Store. Out of the top 5 free Android apps non of the them are a Flappy Bird ripoff. Ironpants, which is at second place in the App Store, is in sixth place on Google Play.

    Top free Android appsIf Apple does nothing to fix the App Store, it should go back to normal when this fad dies off in a couple of weeks from now.


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