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    This is how much the iPad 3 will cost


    Next week Apple will unveil the iPad 3 and is rumored to be an iPad 2 features and components serial killer. The iPad 3 is expected to have huge improvements over the iPad 2 such 8 megalpixels camera, quad-core CPU, and a beautiful Retina Display. All those features lead people to believe that Apple will increase the iPad 3 price. Fortunately, that won’t happen. The iPad 3 will cost the same as the current iPad 2 — this shouldn’t be surprising to people who knows about Apple’s products. This news comes from 9to5mac who cites a reliable source  from them who also provided iPad 3 models numbers to them. You can see it below.

    iPad 3 prices Wifi models:

    • 16GB – $499
    • 32GB – $599
    • 64GB – $699

    3GB/4G LTE models:

    • 16GB – $629
    • 32GB – $729
    • 64GB – $829

    These are the iPad 3 model numbers the source claim to be:

    • MC705LL/A – J1 GOOD A-USA
    • MC706LL/A – J1 BETTER A-USA
    • MC707LL/A – J1 BEST A-USA
    • MD328LL/A – J1 GOOD B- USA
    • MD329LL/A – J1 BETTER B-USA
    • MD330LL/A – J1 BEST-B-USA
    • MD366LL/A – J2A GOOD A-USA
    • MD367LL/A – J2A BETTER A-USA
    • MD368LL/A – J2A BEST A-USA
    • MD369LL/A – J2A GOOD B-USA
    • MD370LL/A – J2A BETTER B-USA
    • MD371LL/A – J2A BEST B-

    J1 is supposed to be the WiFi model, while J2 3G/4G LTE model.


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