iPhone 5S iOS 7 interactiveAs we wait for  WWDC 2013, website recombu.com pusblished a design of an interactive iPhone 5S that allows you to play with iOS 7. The interactive concept was built with HTML, CSS & JavaScript and no images were used. In the concept, the icons seemed in the iPhone 5S are based on recents leaks pointing out that iOS 7 will be “black, white, and flat” with no more skeumorphic elements. This interactive concept also lets you see the new redesigned stock apps such as Message, Calendar, Music, and Phone Apple is rumored to have in iOS 7.

iOS 7 toggles

There are also toggles for  WiFi, Bluetooth, Location Services and Airplane Mode. These toggles are rumored to be included in iOS 7 and will be accessible by bringing down the notification center.

(Source: recombu.com)