It’s only been five days since iOS 5 was officially released, not even a full week yet, and is already installed on one out of every three iOS devices. Obviously, this graph only includes iOS 5 compatible devices (iPad 1, iPad, iPhone, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch 4G). The results in the graph comes from a mobile analytics SDK from Localytics that is integrated in thousands of apps from the App Store and using a range of “tens of millions of devices” as the sample size, according to them.

The percentage of devices already running iOS 5:

  • 36% of iPad 2s observed are already running iOS 5
  • 35% of iPhone 4s
  • 33% of original iPads
  • 27% of iPhone 3GS
  • 23% of iPod Touch 3rd-gen
  • 17% of iPod Touch 4th-gen
iPhone 4S would be 100 percent, since every iPhone 4S come with iOS 5 installed out the box.