It seems that iOS 5 brings many new things – from features and bugs and now even confirming the iPad 3 in its source code. Today 9to5mac was able to confirm the iPad 3 rumor brought up by Digitimes a couple of weeks ago is true. Digitimes reported that Apple is currently in the development of two different iPad models by the code names of J1 and J2 and Apple is still undecided on which of those models to choose as the iPad 3. 9to5mac confirmed this rumor by finding some references codes hidden in iOS 5 displaying the two code names of J1 and J2, as you can see from the image shown above.

DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim told CNET that three comapnies — Samsung, Sharp, and LGD–  are currently producing panels for the iPad 3. Shim also said that the iPad 3 will have a 2048×1536 display, and like the current Apple’s products, the iPad 3 will also use IPS panel technology.