Send Last Location iOS 8

As we know, iOS 8 brings many new features to the iPhone and iPad operating system. But it appears that Apple also has decided to improve their Find My iPhone and Find My iPad software. As discovered by Twitter user johnhmeyer123 and reported by MacRumors, iOS 8 now has the option to automatically send Apple the last location of your iPhone or iPad when the battery drains to a critical level. The feature in named “Send Last Location” in the iCloud settings section of your iPhone or iPad.

Currently, when the battery of an iOS device with Find My iPhone activated dies, Apple retains the last location of the device for only for 24-hours. After that, there’s no way of knowing the last location of the device. By turning “Send Last Location” on, you will grant Apple permission to store the last location of your device in their server forever. This would be useful in case someone gets lost or kidnapped.