Curious to know how’s iOS 5 speed? These benchmark charts shows speed performances for iOS 5 are better compared to some versions of iOS 4. From the chart above comparing iOS 5 with three versions of iOS 4 (4.2.1, 4.3, 4.3.5) on a GSM iPhone 4, we can see that iOS 5 scores better than those iOS versions compared with.

The iPad 2 scores on iOS 5 indicates the same thing: iOS 5 is faster. Using the iPad 2 (3G+WiFi), iOS 5 also had better scores than previews iOS versions.

These benchmarks were made by GigaOn using GeekBench Gauge Mathematical Tool,  BenchTestSunSpider and V8 from the App Store to compare iOS 5 with previews versions of iOS 4. They also tested the iPad 1(WiFi) and  iPod touch 4G, where the iPad 1 surprisingly received better scores while running iOS 4.2.1 than iOS 5. The iPod touch 4G received similar scores as the iPhone 4.

Apple released iOS 5 earlier today bringing 200 new features to your device.