iPhone 6 Eye IDIf unlocking your phone using fingerprint is not enough futuristic for you, then unlocking your iPhone using your eye’s retina may be. A new concept from video editing company SET Solution shows how Apple’s iPhone 6 might look if it comes with EYE ID Retinal Scanner, a feature similar to Touch ID which scans your fingerprint to unlock your iPhone 5s. The video shows an edge-to-edge iPhone 6 screen. Now robbers won’t need to cut your finger if they steal your phone, but they’re will also have to remove your eye socket so they can unlock your stolen iPhone 6.

The concept makers wrote that, obliviously, this is fake and just a concept. Samsung, however, should try to integrate this feature in their next Galaxy.

iPhone 6 with EYE ID Retinal Scanner
Safety is a factor that should never be underestimated! Precisely for this reason, our experts, with the new iPhone 6 have devised a new technology for smartphones: EYE-ID retinal scanner for the iPhone 6.
With iPhone 6 EYE ID you will be able not only to unlock your iPhone but it will be also possible to sign-in to your app store, bank account, and all of yours favourite services with a level of security never reached before!