If you don’t want to believe Apple when they said that the iPhone 6 Plus bendgate problem is almost a nonexistant problem, consumers electronic site Consumer Reports scientifically tested how much pressure will take to bend an iPhone 6 Plus. Unlike YouTuber Unbox Therapy, Consumer Report did not used their bared hands to bend the device – the tester used an Instron compression test machine. With the machine, to compare the pressure with the iPhone 6, the tester also tested other devices including the iPhone 6, iPhone 5, LG G3, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and HTC One M8.

The Consumer Reports concluded something that many Android fanboy will not like to hear: the iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t bend as easy as the hoax shows. You will not bend your iPhone 6 unless you purposely try to bend it with you hands as the YouTube did. In fact the iPhone 6 turned out to be stronger than the HTC One M8 which is an Aluminum-built Android phone like the iPhone 6 Plus.

The test concluded that it will take 90 pounds of pressure for the iPhone 6 Plus to get deformed and will break apart at 110 pounds. Its smaller model, the iPhone 6, will deformed at 70 pounds and separation of the screen and chassis will happen at 100 pounds. Like the iPhone 6, the HTC One M8 will also deformed at 70 pounds but will separate at 90 pounds. During the test, the LG G3 deformation and separation both happened at 130 pounds. The iPhone 5 beat all those devices in built quality by being bent at 130 pounds and getting separated from the frame at 150 pounds. The last device, the Galaxy Note 3, beat all the devices by getting bent and separate at 150 pounds.

bend smartphones test

At the end all devices are well-built and bending it should not be an issue unless you intentionally try to bend the phone yourself.