The iPhone 4/4S and iPad 2 are part of the best devices (phones and tablets) when it comes to video quality. The iPhone 4S is not just a phone, like the iPad 2 is not just to play Angry Birds-like games. One thing that you can do in those two devices is watch movies and TV Shows.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you don’t necessarily need Satelite or Cable television, all you need is WiFi either from you or steal it from your neighbor or data (3G, 4G) from your carrier. Then you can use your iPhone, iPad as TV to enjoy movies and TV shows using many great apps in the App Store that will let you stream them.

Best iPhone, iPad apps to stream and watch movies TV shows

 1. Netflix

Just like using your computer to use Netflix. If you have an iPhone or iPad all you need is to download the Netflix app and start streaming and watching movies and TV shows instantly. You can get a Netflix account — which is needed for this app– at paying $7.99 at month after the first free month you get when you sign up.

Download Netflix

2. Optimum for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

If you’re a Cablevision subscriber this is an app that will make you happy that exist. With the Optimum app, you can watch all your channels live directly in your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. This apps offers many great features for Cablevision subscribers. It lets you record and watch pre-recorded programs from your DVR. It also allows you to use your device as a remote control. The only not-good about the app is that you need to be connected via WiFi from you Optimum modem only, but this can be bypassed if you know how to do it.

Download Optimum for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

3. Ustream.TV

With the Ustream.TV official app you can watch or broadcast any video live from your favorite broadcasters. The lets you interact with viewers through and or by creating polls. The app also has many features of Ustream.TV website.

Download Ustream for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

4. Movies by Flixster’s iOS app is the best app for movies information. In the app you can watch movie trailers, find showtimes, get critics reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, and share your movie ratings with your friends. Movies by Flixster also has many other features such as streaming movies over 3G or WiFi, and downloading the movies to the device.

Download Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes

5. redbox

You like using the redbox service? Then the redbx app is an app you need to download. With the redbox app you can browse and reserve movies, games, watch trailers, plus find the nearest Redbox kiosk from wherever you are. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Download redbox official iPhone/iPad app

6. DISH Remote Access

Like the Optimum app, Dish offers the DISH Remote Access app for iPhone and iPad that allow its subscribers to watch the same TV you get at home on your iPad and iPhone. Your can watch your live or recorded programs anytime, anywhere. Also, manage your home television with a full-featured DVR manager, a searchable program guide, and a virtual remote control.

Download DISH Remote Access for iPhone/iPod touch or iPad

7. Air Video

Air Video is a great (if not best) app for streaming videos. With Air Video, you can stream any video/movie from your computer directly to your iPhone or iPad. Air Video supports most video format located in any folder in your computer, even if the video is not in iTunes you can streaming to your device. Air Video with limited videos in a folder, but can buy the full app for $2.99 and have unlimited videos in that folder

Download Air Video