The released of the iPhone 4S last month disappointed many people who were expecting Apple to release the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S doesn’t have most features people wanted such as 4-inch screen or Aluminum back. Don’t worry, Apple will release the iPhone 5 with many great features that will kill any Android smartphone. Source from Business Insider who claims to have access to a prototype of an iPhone 5 have detailed many features the iPhone 5 prototype had. According to the source, the iPhone 5 featured a 4-inch screen display similar to the screen the Samsung Galaxy S II has. Source also said that the prototype had an Aluminium back, just like the iPad 2. Apple also wants to use “liquid metal” technology to make different colors of the iPhone 5. Siri, the personal secretary feature on iPhone 4Ss, was called “Assistant.” Source also mentioned that iPhone 5 featured a tremendous 10-megapixels camera. Other chnages found on the protype accoring to source that the iPhone prototype featured a  capacitive home button and it had a “flatter” form factor.