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    Jailbreak Terms 101


    This is a guide to help you understand the basic terms use in the Jailbreak and what they mean and their purposes. This is not a guide to teach you how to jailbreak your device, this guide will just help you understand most of the basic terms use regarding to jailbreak.


    Activation/Activating is the process of bypassing the “Emergency Call Screen” to access the SpringBoard of the iPhone, this is not the same as unlocking.


    This is the device in the iPhone that manages all the functions which require an antenna.


    This is Geohot’s method for jailbreaking iOS 3.1, 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 on all Devices. BlackRa1n also unlocks and hacktivates the iPhone 3G and 3GS running baseband 05.11.07.


    Geohot’s unlock and hacktivate for the iPhone 3G and 3GS running baseband 05.11.07.


    This is the first code that runs on your iDevice.


    Unofficial App Store. There you will find apps rejected by Apple in the official app store, themes, tweaks, every coll stuff.

    DFU Mode:

    Device Firmware Upgrade.  Allows all devices to be restored from any state.


    F0recast is an application created by iH8sn0w. This tool will tell you IDevice firmware installed, baseband etc.


    Jailbreak method from Chronic Dev Team.


    Tool from iH8sn0w to allow iTunes to accept custom IPSW firmware.


    Jailbreak from Comex that will jailbreak your iDevice directrly from the safari.


    Accessing iDevice files from the computer.

    Tethered Jailbreak:

    Jailbreak that requires to use the Jailbreaking tool you use to jailbreak the device so it could boot up again after turn in off.


    Unlock for unlock-able baseband firmware from various iPhone Dev Team.

    Untethered jailbreak:

    Jailbreak that doesn’t requires  rejailbreaking the device so it could boot-up again after turning the device off.

    You can find all information regarting to jailbreaks at:



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