iPhone 6 5.5 inchAre you riding with the ‘bigger phone’ crowd but have an iPhone? This year you’ll be able to purchase an iPhone featuring a 5.5 inch screen but it will cost you an additional $100 compared with to the normal-sized model. According to Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt (MarketWatch), “Apple will likely charge a $100 premium for the 5.5 inch version that media reports have suggested will be available a few months after the 4.7 inch version.” McCourt’s survey suggested that a full one-third of current iPhone users are willing to pay Apple an additional $100 for an iPhone model with a bigger screen. Raymond James increased its price target for Apple from $86 to $102.

Apple is rumored to launch two iPhone 6 models this year. The production of the smaller iPhone 6 reportedly started last month in May while the bigger-sized one is still not in production yet.