Windows 8 Advanced functionality

Microsoft today has release a post/video explaining the new revamped boot experience and how it has changed in Windows 8. One the changes Microsoft explained is that now when booting up Windows 8 for the first time you’re likely to get a “Specialize” phase of setup. Windows 8 now features an advanced touch screen functionality that allows you to change the OS settings, boot from a physical device, or perform boot troubleshooting in Windows RE.

Windows 8 will also bring a whole new dual-boot experience. Microsoft explained that users running more than one copy of Windows OS will encounter a high-fidelity, immersive, touchable interface, allowing you to select the operating system you would like to boot by clicking the mouse, keyboard navigation or even a single tap. Windows  8 also has touch support for use outside of the core operating system. The newly revamped Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) was also demonstrated by Microsoft.

(Via WinRumors; Source: msd)