Home Web Netflix pays AT&T to stop them slowing down their videos

    Netflix pays AT&T to stop them slowing down their videos


    NetflixAT&T customers should now notice a buffering reduction when streaming movies on Netflix thanks to an agreement between the video streaming company and AT&T. AT&T has joined the list of providers which includes Comcast and Verizon that are receiving money from Netflix in order to get a faster connection through their network. As confirmed to Mashable directly from AT&T, the carrier and Netflix reached an interconnect agreement in May and all connections should be up in the coming days.

    “We reached an interconnect agreement with Netflix in May and since then have been working together to provision additional interconnect capacity to improve the viewing experience for our mutual subscribers,” an AT&T spokeswoman said in the statement. “We’re now beginning to turn up the connections, a process that should be complete in the coming days.”


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