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    New PS4 Slim photos leaked online, tiny but uglier than PS4


    As any PlayStation fan would know, Sony always releases a slimmer version of their gaming consoles, even portable gaming devices like the PSP or PS Vita. Early this month, Microsoft released their Xbox One S to the public. As of now, Sony have not made any announcement regarding to a slimmer version of the PS4. But this did not stop a leaker from leaking photos of Sony’s unannounced PlayStation 4 Slim.

    Photos of the console were first leaked on UK-based classified ads website According to the seller, this is a new line of Sony PS4 Slim which will be released in stores in a few weeks from now. From what it’s shown, this is not the PS4 NEO / 4K. The PS4 NEO will reportedly be much more expensive than the current PS4. Although the PS4 Slim appears to be uglier than the current PS4, a current owner says on Twitter that the console looks much better on hands than on picture.

    The owner also posted a series of photos showing the new PS4 and comparing its size with the current PS4.

    PS4 Slim leak

    PS4 Slim unboxed

    PS4 Slim ports

    PS4 Slim box

    PS4 Slim box front


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