Minecraft PS4Will 4J Studios ever deliver Minecraft on the PS4? After giving a copy of the game to Sony for review, the developer today posted on their Twitter account that Sony failed their game on the final test. The developer stated that they’re working to fix the issues with the game so Sony can accept once the game is sent back to Sony for acceptance. Unfortunately, the developer will have to go through the acceptance process again and wait even more. During the approval process, Sony does not look for bugs within the game, as Reddit user¬†Hypobasis explains. The approval process is something Sony do in order to find security holes in the game that can put the console at risk.

¬†just so everyone knows, cert testing isn’t like “Is your game buggy as tits you can’t release your game”.
its stuff like “Does your game contain a security hole that can compromise the PS4 system”
“Does your game properly implement the PS4 features it uses”
“Does your game show up as your game on the PS4 menus”
They don’t give a shit about bugs, tonnes of shitty buggy ass games pass cert testing.
This is why games like Battlebug 4 and Basement crawl can get released on PS4. It has nothing to do with money, it has nothing to do with quality or who’s developing it. It’s about meeting the PS4 standards for use.
Most of the big “softmods” for consoles have been through exploiting AAA games (See Bannerbomb for Wii, Mechwarrior/Splinter Cell/Agent Under Fire hacks for Xbox) which is why this is an important practice to for company’s.
Plus, it prevents a company from making their own shitty invite system instead of just using the PS4 one.

Based on the approval process, we will likely to see Minecraft on the PS4 by middle or end of September.