OS X 10.10 flat iconsWhat if Jonathan Ive decide to make OS X more like its baby sister iOS 7, with flat icons design? User interface designer Danny Giebe has designed some concept images showing what next OS X 10.10 would look like if it borrows the designing idea of flat icons that Jony Ive introduced in iOS 7. The concept named Mac OS X Syrah¬†removes many¬†“skeuomorphic” elements making the UI to look more cleaner and flatter, which is what Apple did with iOS 7. His concept was posted at Dribbble.com where you can downlad the concept through Github.com

Hi, this is a concept for Mac OS X Syrah, expected to be published in September 2014. It’s based on the new flat design approach of the Contacts and Notes App introduced in Mac OS X Mavericks.

OSX 10.10 concept