PS4 DualShock 4

Although the PS4 was announced way before Microsoft announced its Xbox One, we still don’t know how the PS4 console will look like until next month’s E3. As a marketing tactic Sony only unveiled the PS4 controller, specs, and some of its best games it will have but never unveiled the console itself.

Three months later and one day before Microsoft unveiled its Xbox One console to compete with the PS4, Sony┬áposted a video on YouTube teasing the PS4 console. Since the video didn’t show much of the console, Reddit user decided to create a design of how the PS4 will possibly look based on information gathered from the tease video. Here’s the design he came up with:

PS4 console concept

Here’s is where he obtain each part of the console from:

PS4 concept parts

And the video where everything came from for those who haven’t seen it:

(Source: Reddit)