PS4 DualShock 4

The PS4 will soon be able to stream PlayStation 2, PS3 games through Sony PlayStation Now service. If you love PS2 and PS2 games Sony will even have more option for those who want to keep playing PS2, PS1 games on their PS4. Sony will not just make the PS4 compatible with PS2 games via their streaming service, but you’ll also be able to download PS2, PS1 games directly to your PS4 hard drive without having to streaming it, according to insider Ahsan Rasheed. The PS4 will reportedly have a PS2 software emulator. With E3 around the corner, Rasheed who is an accurate insider according to, posted on Twitter that Sony “will bring Local PS2 / PS1 support on PS4 w/ native 1080p rendering for select titles.”


Rasheed also talks about how Sony is planning to approach Project Morpheus VR stating that “they are designing it similar to PS4 and Dualshock 4.  Taking developer feedback.”