Police / law enforcement agencies couldn’t have any more reason to hate technology on the hand of regular citizens. The Denver police department is currently being accused of using excessive force on an unarmed and defenseless man, punching him multiple times on the face, later tripping his seven-and-a-half-months pregnant wife. A witness who was recording the incident with his Samsung tablet got his tablet illegally searched by the two cops. The policeman found the video of them committing the crime against the suspect and deleted it without warrant / permission from the owner. This was done threatening the witness arrest.

Although the policeman were in the wrongdoing by using excessive force on the suspect, the suspect was not being a normal citizen working a legal 9-to-5 job. The suspect was accused of stuffing a heroin bag inside his mouth in order to hide it from the narcotic officers. When not complying with the officers orders to open his mouth, the officers proceeded to beat him severely. When his pregnant wife came at the officers yelling, “let them go!” one of the officer tripped her causing her to fall on the pavement.

(Source: Fox 31 Denver)