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    Upcoming PS4 firmware 2.50 leaks online: external hard drive support, and more! (photos)


    PS4 accessoriesFeatures included in the next major firmware update for the PS4 has been leaked online. And no, it won’t be an stability update. The firmware, version 2.50, will come with a ton of new useful features, if the information provided by an alleged PS4 beta testers found on Twitter turn out to be true. According to the testers, the PS4 will have the following features in its upcoming 2.50 update:

    • Suspend/Resume (system will not close any apps when put in rest mode)
    • 60 FPS for Remote Play game streaming
    • Background trophy syncing
    • Ability to delete or hide trophies from player cards
    • Google trophy guide directly from the trophy
    • Ability to remap buttons on your controller
    • Back up data to external HDD

    PS4 external hard driveAs leaked by Twitter user @IsAParrot, the PS4 will finally have external hard drive support – allowing its users to back up all their data into an external hard drive.

    Same user (IsAParrot) also leaked some trophies information:

    This is the DualShock 4 button reconfiguration for the system:
    PS4 DualShock 4 reconfig
    Still not sign of PSN name changing. The update is rumored to be released on April.



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