Android has more customization than a stock iPhone does. But a jailbroken iPhone with Cydia can be customized as much as an Android device. One of the customization Android offer out-of-the-box is scrolling wallpaper. When scrolling the home screen on an Android device (from left-to-right or righ- to-left), the wallpaper scrolls as well. There no option to do this with stock iOS. But for jailbroken iOS users, there’s now an option to do this.

A tweak called Go Desk was today released in Cydia that allows you to set a scrollable wallpaper on your iPhone. The tweak can be downloaded from Cydia Big Boss repo or by searching “Go Desk” in Cydia. After Go Desk is downloaded, an scrollable wallpaper of a flower will be installed to your device and an icon of the app will show in the home screen. If you want to choose your own scrollable wallpaper, you can go to the Go Desk app from your home screen and select the first option and it will send to your photos albums. After selecting the wallpaper set the wallpaper and click ok.