Holiday season is around the corner, the season which most people buy expensive products. In this season if you’re looking to buy a big or new 4K TV, consider taking Sony of your list. Excluding PlayStation, Sony has gotten a reputation of offering more expensive products for inferior quality. This time Sony is relying on censorship to protect one their inferior and expensive product, their 2016 Bravia line.

As reported by Reddit user GivingCreditWhereDue on the Technology section of, there is widespread defect on the 2016 Sony Bavia TV line. As explained by the user, “Sony’s 2016 Bravia line is ill-equiped to handle 4K gaming, as their flagship models have really high levels of input latency.” To keep this problem away from the general public, Sony is deleting any threads and posts regarding to this issue on their official forums. It is also said that the company has failed to deliver a promised Marshmallow update for their 2016 Bravias during the past month of October.