The few rumors we have for next gen-consoles both have something in common; both Xbox 720 and PS4 points out that both consoles will block used games. Well, that’s a rumor that Sony’s CEO Jack Tretton personally disagrees with. While speaking on GameTrailers’ Bonus Round, Pachter said that when he asked Tretton if this rumors were true, Sony’s CEO stated that he was “opposed to blocking used games.” Tretton also added that used games are “great for consumers” and blocking used games would be “anti-consumer.” Don’t take this as a confirmation that the PS4 will not block used games; Tretton mentioned this is just what he believes and “Japan might think something different.”

About two months ago, it was reported that Sony would release the PS4 next year with the name of “PlayStation Orbis.” It was rumored that the system won’t allow you to play used games. Back on January a report of the next-gen Xbox, Xbox 720, stated that the Xbox 720 would not play used games as well.