Tired of Sprint garbage 3G speeds? Well if you’re or visit one of the cities below and have a 4G LTE device on Sprint network like the Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5, then you’ll notice faster speeds. According to a leaked memo from phoneArena, Sprint will officially announce 21 new cities that will be covered (or already are) with their LTE on April 12th.

These are the cities that will receive LTE coverage from Sprint starting April 12th:

  • California: Los Angeles, Contra Costa County
  • Florida: Palm Bay, Port St. Lucie, West Palm Beach
  • Indiana: Bloomington and Lafayette
  • Illinois: Rochelle
  • Minnesota: Mankato-North Mankato
  • Missouri: Joplin
  • North Carolina: Charlotte, Shelby, Albemarle, Sailsbury, Lincolnton
  • Tennessee: Memphis, Greenville, Tullahoma
  • Texas: Denison, Kerrville
  • Virginia: Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News

With 4G LTE, Sprint customers can receive download speeds between 6 and 8 Mbps on average, and occasionally 25 Mbps at most.