John Legere iPhone 6 PlusT-Mobile CEO John Legere appear to be in loved with Apple and their iPhone. During an interviewed at GeekWire Summit 2014, the T-Mobile CEO defended Apple in the bengate scandal. When the bendgate discussion was brought up by the interviewer, Legere described how stupid the bendgate scandal is. Here’s what he had to said about it:

That is such horse shit. Listen, what the fuck‚ did you need to see? The video of the guy that’s doing this, and if you could have seen his face he probably would have been purple and the veins are coming out of his fingers. And the thing moves a little bit? Are you shiting me?

This is an amazing supercomputer in your hand. What the fuck are you putting it in your pants and sitting on it for? Seriously. You know what, those nine people who sat on their phones, first of all, they need jeans that fit them a little better.

Let me help you about bendgate or whatever it was. It’s not slowing down demand. The demand for these devices in the last few weeks is unbelievable.

Legere’s love for Apple didn’t stop with the bendgate scandal. According to Legere, the improved T-Mobile we have today is thanks to Apple. During the interviewed, one of the interviewer asked what has T-Mobile learned from its collaboration with Apple. Legere stated that Apple made T-Mobile a better company due to their quality control. Since Apple would have not given T-Mobile the iPhone unless their improve their network , T-Mobile was forced to start rolling out HSPA+ or 4G LTE if they wanted to have the iPhone – Legere said.