iOS 8 iPhone 5s

At an event in Seattle, T-Mobile announced another program in order to gain new customers. The carrier announced their T-Mobile Test Drive program. The program is targeted to users on another carriers who doubt T-Mobile’s reliability. Through Test Drive, T-Mobile will lend users an iPhone 5s for free for seven days. After the seven days, the user will need to return the phone to a local T-Mobile store. T-Mobile Test Drive is to give non-T-Mobile customers a chance to test their LTE network.

You can sign up for T-Mobile Test Drive at The phone needs to be ordered online with a valid credit card. The carrier will hold $700 + taxes in case the phone is damage, stolen, or never returned. Since the program’s purpose is to allow users to test T-Mobile’s network before migrating to them, a random phone number will be assigned to you. This number cannot be kept or changed.

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