Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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Real 4Chan app launches on the App Store for iPhone, iPad

Update: The original app mentioned in this article, The Chan, was removed from the App Store for unknown reasons. Since then, another app named Tetra - Board Browser has taken The Chan's...

iCloud hacker who released celebrities’ nude caught by FBI

Remember 'The Fappening' from 2014? When an alleged hacker leaked hundreds of photos of nude celebrities like Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez and other? On Tuesday the US Department of Justice...

4Chan app finally lands on iPhone and iPad

Update: if your device is not jailbroken, you can download the 4Chan app from the App Store. Back in 2012 Apple removed all 4Chan related apps due to "user-generated objectionable content." The...

iCloud hacked by 4chan hacker, nude Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande pictures exposed

On Sunday evening a 4chan user posted a post claiming to have hacked Apple's iCloud service and obtained hundreds of nude photos of celebrities. He posted a list of  celebrities in...

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