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Sprint Launching First 4G LTE Devices in Second Half of 2012

Is WiMax a POS for you on Sprint's network? LTE may fix that. Sprint’s chief financial officer Joe Euteneuer announced at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference that Sprint will...

Verizon Now Throttles Customers On 3G Unlimited Data Plan, Preparing for iPhone 5?

At the beginning of the year, back in February, Verizon updated its policy stating that they might start throttling (reducing data speed) for the most data hungry users. Yesterday, this policy took effect affecting...

AT&T Getting Its First 4G LTE Tablet: The HTC Puccini [Picture]

This is a picture of the first AT&T tablet with full 4G LTE support, the HTC Puccini. The picture was sent to Engadget by an anonymous tipster who says the tablet is currently being tested and...

Apple Seeking for 4G LTE Engineer, Tesing iPhone 5?

It looks like Apple's next iPhone will support 4G LTE, the next gen connection speed internet speed been rolled out by most carriers. As forbes noticed, Apple is looking engineers for LTE...

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