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Sprint will get even slower, to start throttling unlimited data plan

Sprint evil
Sprint has announced a new plan to improve their slow data speeds across the nation: throttling users that consume too much data. The carrier announced their ‘network management practices’ to throttle top  users to so average users avoid congestion on their network. Throttling will be applied to contract-users and pre-paid users on Virgin Mobile USA ...

AT&T clarifies unlimited data throttling: after 3GB, 5GB on 4G LTE you’re top 5%

iphone 4s AT&T
Ever since AT&T started throttling its users on unlimited data, it has been very mysteriously how AT&T decides who is on the top 5 percent of data users to reduce the device data speed. Some users have report that AT&T throttled them for using less than 2GB of data, after using 2GB, and some users on unlimited data have never been throttled even after ...
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