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Facebook now owns WhatsApp, purchased by $16 billion

After five years of work and accumulating more than 450 million active users worldwide, the team behind WhatsApp have sold the app to tech giant Facebook Inc. The start-up company was payed...

Sprint working to buy T-Mobile early next year

What could possibly go wrong? Sprint, one of the most hated US carriers on the web, is reportedly working to buy T-Mobile USA in the first half of next year, according...

GamStop to start buying and selling used MacBooks

If you're looking to sell your MacBook as soon as possible without caring about getting ripped off, you will soon be able to sell it to GamStop. After starting to sell refurbished iPhone,...

T-Mobile USA to buy MetroPCS and merge customers

After failing to marry T-Mobile with AT&T, Deutsche Telekom is now in talk for a possible merge of T-Mobile USA with MetroPCS in order to bring more customers to T-Mobile USA. The deal between...

Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion in cash and shares

Facebook today announced it's currently buying the popular photo sharing app for iOS and Android devices, Instagram. This news comes straight Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page where he announced that his company will buy Instagram and its whole team will...

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