Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Pictures of how the PS4 console might look

Although the PS4 was announced way before Microsoft announced its Xbox One, we still don't know how the PS4 console will look like until next month's E3. As a marketing tactic...

Auxo jailbreak tweak reinvented multitasking on iOS (video)

The first time iOS received multitasking was back in 2010 when Apple introduced the iPhone 4 - that's two iOS versions ago. Ever since it was released, iOS users can say that Apple has not...

What the iPhone Messages app should look like in iOS 7 (concept)

Since iOS 1 Apple has had added changed many things to iOS, like the Music app. But for the Messages apps - which is one of the most important stock app of the...

Pictures of iPhone 5 Air, Similar to the Mac Air

Designed by Italian studio Ciccarese Design, this mock-up images shows what could be an iPhone Air similar to the Mac Air notebook. The mock-up image has the slim edges at the bottom of the...

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