Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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    PS Vita Already Exploited to Run Unsigned Code, Jailbreak in the Future?

    Was it that easy to find an exploit for the PlayStation Vita? Apparently. According to Japanese site Gamegaz and reported by PSP.Dashhack, the Japanese site says they have already found an...


    How to use your iPhone as a USB flash drive for external storage

    A great advantage the Android OS has over iPhone's iOS is its flexibility when it comes to practical usage. A great example of this...

    The 10 best PS4 bundles you can buy right now

    If you're in the market for a PS4 right now and you're the type of person that usually like buying bundle, then you should...

    Google Chrome taking control of Media keys? Here’s how to stop it

    In its most recent update, Google decided that it would've been a good idea to integrate the media keys (F4, F5, F6) with Chrome....

    Three ways to tell if AirPods are fake

    Unless you buy an AirPods straight from or an official Apple retail store, you should be worry to a certain degree...