Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Add a Picture to Your Contact, Call, and Text Message List On iPhone

You can add a picture everywhere your contacts are seen on your iPhone using a jailbreak tweak called Copic, available in the Cydia. Copic allows you to put a picture to your contact that...

Set Any Song From Your iPhone As Ringtone, SMS or Email Sound With AnyRing

Have you ever wanted to set a song from your iPhone music library as your ringtone directly from the phone? AnyRing, an app from Cydia, allows you to do this. With AnyRing you can...

Backup Your iPhone Contacts to Your SIM Card With This Cydia Tweak

If you care about not loosing your contacts, one of the best way of keeping your contacts backed-up is by saving it to your SIM card. By having your contacts saved...

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