Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Microsoft shows how to redeem Xbox One QR codes with Kinect (video)

It looks like the days of having to type long codes to redeem something are over. Microsoft's Larry Hryb today posted a video on Vine demonstrating how to redeem a QR...

Xbox One will work without Kinect sensor plugged in, no more NSA spying

If you are worried that Microsoft might send your Kinect video to NSA without your concern, you can forget about that. While answering questions in a 'Ask Microsoft' hosted by IGN,...

Kinect costs nearly as much as Xbox One to develop, dev unveils

The Xbox One kinect is one of the most unappreciated feature of the console. Because of the inclusion of the Kinect motion camera, the Xbox One console will cost more than the...

Microsoft to announce Xbox 720 with Kinect 2, Blu-ray, redesigned controller (report)

Microsoft's next-gen console - Xbox 720 - will be unveiled next year with Blu-ray support and directional audio, a TV output and input for watching and recording TV shows. These details were leaked by Xbox...

Next Xbox (720) Console to Use Blu-Ray, Introduce Kinect 2, Won’t Play Used Games

New rumors for the next Xbox 360 console are sounding very good, not all though. A "reliable industry source" has told Kotaku some very nice features the Xbox 360 will have. To...

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