Thursday, February 22, 2018
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multiMAN update 04.02.02 released to download

Deanks, multiMAN  developer, has released update 04.02.02 for his PS3 back up manger and file browser, multiMAN. The update brings some changes related to the file managers and some other changes. To download...

PS Vita Plays PS3 Games with Custom Firmware and Remote Play [Video]

Want to keep playing Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, or your favorite PS3 game on your bed while your PS3 is downstairs? The PS Vita can stream PS3 games via Remote Play, but not...

multiMAN Update 02.09.00 Released

multiMAN 02.09.00 is now available to download. multiMAN developer, Deank, has released update 02.09.00 adding some changes and improvements. Here's the full change log for this update: Backup from PS3 game discs now works as...

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