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PS3 Getting a Nintendo DS Emulator [Video]

An anonymous PS3 homebrew developer is currently working on this Nintendo DS emulator for the PS3 which will allow Nintendo DS games be played on the PS3 system. The emulator is currently on its early build and is working smoothly but with no sound. [Source: PSX-Scene]

Here Is the First Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Trailer

Modern Warfare 3 Official
The first game play trailer for the next big Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 3, is now available.

Sony Releasing PS3 Software Update Soon, Will Bring PSN Back Online

Sony has officially announced that it will release PS3 software update v3.61 very soon to bring the PlayStation Network back. They have said that this update is mandatory. As they mentioned, you will also be required to change your PSN account password once you update your system to v3.61.

PlayStation Network Is Up, Accessible to Developers Only for Now

Finally, a good news for PSN online users, with reports that PlayStation Network for developers is back online, we can say that it also will be available for regular users very soon. The report comes from the gaming forum NEOGAF, where forum user Kagari is claiming thatdevelopers have confirmed to him that the PlayStation Network is back online again but without options ...

PS3 Backup Manager multiMAN 2 Get Released

deank, the developer of multiMAN has released multiMAN 2 which bring a lot of new features. multiMAN 2 comes with a XMB style menu. According to the developer it also improved its XMMB scrolling, speed and reliability. Here are the new amazing features that multiMAN 2 brings: * Fully working XMMB display mode (XMB clone) * Editable options in “Settings” column of XMMB ...

PlayStation Network to be back this week, will include enhance security & compensate PSN users

Sony has finally and officially announced during a press conference in Tokyo that the PlayStation Network/Qriocity services will be restore this week after it was taken down by a cyber-attack. Sony said the restoration of the PlayStation Network will be by phased region. Sony also announced that the restoration of the PlayStation Network will bring enhance security and implementation ...

Comic: Sony apologizing for PlayStation Network Down

A comic by Geek Culture of Sony’s apology for the taken down of the PSN and for the possibility that personal information has been stolen. Probably not that funny…

You can now install Linux on your PS3 again [Guide How-To]

Last year when Sony decided to remove Linux from all PS3 systems through a firmware update, they left a lot, if not all, PS3 Linux users angry.  Most of them decided to not update firmware to not loose the ability to install Linux on their system. Well, if you were waiting for Linux and your PS3 is hacked, you can now install any Linux distro on your console again! A member ...

Geohot Going to trial, needs our help

As we all know, Geohot is being sues by Sony after successfully hacking the PS3 to allow it to run unsigned codes or homebrews. He never ask us for donation for his work, but now he his. Apparently he will be going to trial soon to face Sony, and he is asking for donation so get the best lawyer to fight Sony. If you really appreciate his work and jailbreak you can donate ...

Geohot Attacks Sony in a Rap Video

Geohot has uploaded a video rapping attacking Sony. If you didn’t know Geohot from jailbreaking iPhone then move to the PS3 and jailbreaked(hacked) the PS3 and Sony sued him later on.
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