Monday, February 18, 2019
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Arizona county attorney abolishes iPhone, accuses Apple of helping terrorists

Due to Apple's refusal of cooperating with FBI agents to unlock a terrorist's iPhone 5c, employees at Maricopa County Attorney’s Office will no longer be able to replace of upgrade their current...

Why the new Pirate Bay should NOT be trusted, a Redditor explains

For many, the resurrection of The Pirate Bay is the best thing that happened this month of January - they can finally watch movies and TV shows without paying once again....

BlackBerry: Android too insecure for us

Unfortunately, using Android in their products is not a solution BlackBerry is looking forward too. As most of you know, BlackBerry is not doing as good as Samsung. The reason is that...

10 WhatsApp alternatives messaging apps that protect your privacy

As we know, Facebook now owns WhatsApp. The messaging app was purchased by Facebook for $16 billion worth of stock and cash. Facebook is not a company that many people trust...

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