Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Sony’s engineer tears down the new PlayStation 4 Pro (video)

Sony loves to show the components inside their gaming systems. Back in 2013, weeks before releasing the original PS4, company's engineer released a video tearing down the console and demonstrating each...

Xbox One tear down video shows it’s easy to repair

Microsoft's new Xbox One has arrived at the tear down specialists at iFixit. If you know how to take apart an Xbox 360, you won't have problems opening your Xbox One. For...

iFixit tears down PS4, find it easy to repair (video)

If Sony's PS4 tear down video did not teach you how to tear it down, iFixit new guide will. The website iFixit has created a guide showing all the steps it take...

Sony engineer tears down the PS4 and shows its components (video)

The PS4 won't be available to Americans until November 15th. To ease the wait, in an exclusive video to Wired Magazine, Sony engineering director Yasuhiro Ootori tears down the PS4 console and...

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