Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Apple has sold over one billion iPhones since 2007

During an employee meeting in Cupertino, Apple's CEO Tim Cook unveiled why so many Android manufacturers such as Samsung and Xiaomi try to emulate them so often: the company sold its...
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Apple uploads video of its Gay Parade in San Francisco

Other than creating beautiful hardware, Apple is always proud of being a gay company. Apple has uploaded a video on their YouTube channel showing their employees' presence at the San Francisco’s annual Pride parade. On...

Watch Apple introducing the iPhone 5 at the event online now

Apple's today introduced the iPhone 5 at today's media event. If you want to see Tim Cook introducing the newest iPhone, now you can. Apple's September 12 event is now available on Apple's website so...

Apple CEO Tim Cook To Introduce iPhone 5 On October 4 At Media Event

The mysterious date for the iPhone 5 introduction is now revealed: October 4th. That's the date Apple will hold the event to announced the iPhone 5, allthingsd reports. Tuesday, Oct. 4. That’s the day Apple...

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